"If you have been touched by the demon, it’s like being touched by the back hand of God. Makes you sacred in a way, doesn’t it? Makes you unique, with a kind of glory. The glory of suffering, even.

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stuttgart main station, under construction.

testing the theory that “the best camera is the one you’ve got with you” this evening, with the cameras of two android devices (both clearly out of their depth with the lighting situation, each failing in its own way)

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countdown to twd: 53 days - episode 04x04

Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.
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we go again

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Tell me that you wanna dance,
wanna feel your pulse on mine

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With him, I tried a little harder.

I watched the contents of his soul for a moment and saw a black-painted boy calling the name Jesse Owens as he ran through an imaginary tape.
I saw him hip-deep in some icy water, chasing a book, and
I saw a boy lying in bed, imagining how a kiss would taste from his glorious next-door neighbor.

He does something to me, that boy.

Every time.

It’s his only detriment.

He steps on my heart.

He makes me cry.


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They hadn’t realized it, but underneath his glorious facade of power, their king was just an unloved, lonely lost boy as well.

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things i like → pasta

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"I believe in hard work, in team work and team effort, in sacrifice, in well-grounded and well-founded ambition, in respect, in the values I’ve tried to stick by since I was 10 years old. There have been times where sticking by those values hasn’t led me to success, but when they have, that’s when I’ve felt it’s really been worth it. It’s what I was taught and it’s the only way I know how to go on about things. Through work, sacrifice, selflessness, without ever intending to be better than anyone else. That’s what’s got me here, and that’s what I hope to teach my children in the near future.”
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They remembered these things were people, before all this. They didn’t let it change them in the end. Don’t you think that’s beautiful?

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| Mythology meme |

1/? Creatures - Mermaids.

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